What is fuel polishing

Fuel Polishing- WASP Systems Explained

Fuel polishing is the technological cleaning process which removes water and particulates from diesel fuel which is stored for the medium to long term.

This process keeps the fuel at optimum condition and helps prevent fuel related engine and generator failures. Click here to find out more information about what our fuel polishing systems offer.

There are many different stages in the fuel polishing process which follow one after the other in a specific sequence. This ensures the water, sludge, sediment and other contaminate is removed from the fuel (see below).

fuel sample bottles small

The bottle on left is a pre-cleaned sample

The centre one is from mid-way through our process

The right hand bottle was taken from the output of our fuel polishing system

The fuel polishing process

By removing the bacterial content and neutralising any residual micro-fine particles, the infection simply cannot return; thus ensuring that the WASP Pure Fuel Systems are not only the most effective way of maintaining fuel quality, but is environmentally friendly too, as no chemicals or  biocides are used in this process.

 IMG 1502 System Diagram PNG Large

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