WASP Spin-On Range

The WASP spin on filter range is a cost effective method of extracting contaminate from fuel. 


The filters range from a rated flow of 11 litres per minute upwards and can be supplied with paper filters for staining or glass filters for emulsified water removal. For fine cleaning, the range also offers a 3 micron straining filter and head with a high flow rate.

In heavy-duty filtration, the efficiency of the filter is the key to protecting the engine. Analysis of fuel from heavy-duty diesel engines has shown that about 90% of the particles that can harm an engine have a size between 5 and 15 Micron.

Unequalled by any traditional filter media, WASP spin on filters performs at least twice as efficiently as cellulose and delivers almost 100% filtration efficiency for this range of particles. While other filter medias are made of cellulose or glass fibres, the WASP emulsified water removal system is a composite of bonded layers of synthetic filter media.


High Flow Range

Low cost, high performance diesel/MDO fuel filter/water separator. For fuel flow rates up to 6000 litres per hour (100 litres per minute) 

Slow Flow Range

Low cost, high performance diesel/MDO fuel filter/water separator. For fuel flow rates up to 680 litres per hour. Free and emulsified water removal. Integrated metal water drain.


Product Range

High Flow Range

High Flow 


HIGH FLOW Spin on-1.25” BSP 2 port head, 1.75bar bypass


SLOW FLOW Spin on -Filter head, 7/8" ports


High Flow Spares and Options

W-11285(R) Water absorption media filter / water stop fuel filter 
W-16776/6000(R) 3 micron fine filter  
W-16778/6000(R) 10 micron filter  
W-16780/6000(R) 12 micron filter  
W-16721/6000(R) 30 micron filter  
W-139800MR Pressure gauge for W-13904380 head

 Slow Flow Spares

W-1013/680(R) Emulsified water removal filter, 10 micron





When the elements require changing, these can be ordered from us, as above spares list.







Technical Specification

High Flow Rate

Slow Flow

Flow rate: 6000 lit/hr 680 lit/hr
Type:     Water absorption or absolute filtration Water removal (both free and emulsified) inc water drain valve
Micron: 3 Micron 10 Micron
Head Port size:   1.25” BSP female 7/8"-14UNF (fittings available to BSP and metric sizes on request)
Head by-pass: 1.75bar bypass built in (element service point) n/a
Head mounting holes:  2x M8x1.25 female
Optional gauge:  0-30PSI / 0-2Bar pressure gauge


High Flow Rate       Slow Flow Rate
Wasp spin on range 1   WASP spin on range 2


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