The main design benefit of the self-clean filter range is that it can be serviced without being dissembled. 

W 51000 image2Overview

  • Self-cleaning fuel filter separator
  • 2" BSP or DN50 Pn16 flanged ports
  • 250, 500, 750 and 1000 micron options
  • Flow rates up to 333 lit/min 

The flow of fluid through the unit is not interrupted and consequently neither is the operation of the system/engine it is filtering for.

This automatic system can then be controlled by a timer; or for fully automatic operation by a pressure switch mounted on the output side filter. This would then trigger cleaning due to excessive pressure loss caused by a dirty filter.


Product Range


W-51000 range Filtration (micron) Details
W-51000/1 1000 micron (1mm) 2” Ports, Metal bowl
W-51000/075 750 micron
W-51000/05 500 micron
W-51000/025 250 micron
W-51000/1F 1000 micron (1mm) DN50 Pn16 2” Ports, Metal bowl
W-51000/075F 750 micron
W-51000/05F 500 micron
W-51000/025F 250 micron


Servicing and Technical Specifications



  • Make sure that the fluids are compatible with the filter material.
  • Follow the flow direction according to the arrow printed on the filter.
  • Make certain that the input/output piping is aligned and that there are no obstacles or restrictions inside.
  • Install the filter on a hard surface and avoid soft materials such as plastered walls.
  • Install the filter with the cleaning handle (flywheel) turned upwards.
  • We recommend installing a bleeding valve in the closed circuit to avoid overpressure due to the fuel temperature variations.



 To clean the filter, simply twist the handle at the top of the unit – this process can be manual or automatic (motorised using a variable speed drive).

See product service and support page


  • W-51000 Threaded 2" UNI-ISO 7/1
  • W-51000F Flanged DN50 Pn16 ISO 7005
  • Max operating pressure 4 bar
  • Max operating temperature 120°C
  • Fuel: Diesel oil and heavy oil
  • Filtering degree: 250 - 1000μm
  • Drain plugs: Rp 1"1/4 (gal steel)
  • Pipe pressure plugs: Rp 1/4" (brass)

Aluminium filter body and cover, filter elements in carbon steel, brass control shaft bushing, viton sealing o-ring, control and check shaft of the scraper in steel, hand-wheel for the filtering element cleaning out of plastic anti-shock material.

Optional Installation of one or two 300W heating elements (230V/50Hz - IP65). With a temperature range of 0 to 90°C, and a fixed limited temperature of 100°C. This device has an electrical insulation of IP40 Filter elements manufactured in 304 stainless steel. Electric reducer for cleaning to the filtering unit: Rotation speed: 1 RPM Torque: 50 Nm, Power consumption: 90 W Type of motor: connection for single or three phase, Electrical insulation: IP54 An intermittent cycle is recommended for longer filtering life.

Other sizes are available in the self clean range, from 1/2" ports to 2" ports - please ask for details.

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