W-15 Service and Maintenance

Regular maintenance

The W-15 range filter requires periodic checking to ensure optimum performance. This involves checking for water, particulate and gasket constancy as listed below.


Daily Monthly 6 monthly (twice a year)

Visual check for water

(drain if required)

Check gasket/seal constancy Check/replace filter element

Visual check for contamination

(service if required)

  Check/replace gaskets/seals



w 15 diagram


Item Part No Part location on diagram
100mic stainless steel element W60450/01 f
Seal kit W0140800004 c, e, a, h, l, m, p
Air bleed valve WHV-TE6x10 d
Drain plug W-2254 q
Clear bowl WB2271 n
Aluminium gasket for port plug W24555 j





 note icon Before any servicing is carried out, please ensure the system is isolated from the fuel supply. 
You will need:  
  • 1x 10mm torque wrench set to 1.5Nm
  • 1x 10mm spanner
  • 1x 14mm Spanner
  • Gloves
You may need:  
  • Replacement seal kit
  • Replacement filter element


Draining Water

  1. Isolate the filter from the fuel supply (close external ball valves) w 15 air bleed
  2. Using a 10mm spanner, open the air  bleed valve (d) on the top of the unit
  3. Place a suitable container under the drain plug (q) and wait for the water and dirt to settle to the bottom of the bowl (n)
  4. Turn the drain plug (q) in an anti clockwise direction until the fluid begins to flow
  5. Drain the water/dirt from the bowl (n)
  6. When fuel begins to emerge, close the drain plug (q) and wait for more dirt to fall down; repeat step 4 -5 until bowl (n) is clear of dirt and waterw 15 drain tap turn
  7. Once all the water/dirt has been removed, close the drain plug (q) and the air bleed valve (d)
  8. Remove the isolation of fuel (open external ball valves)
  9. Restart fuel supply to the filter


Changing or cleaning a filter element

When changing the element, we recommend new gaskets at the same time


  1. Isolate the filter from the fuel supply (close external ball valves) changing element
  2. Follow the changing the bowl instructions (1 to 5)
  3. Completely empty filter of fuel
  4. Unscrew the brass nut (o) using a 14mm spanner (you may need to brace the central bolt (a) with a 10mm spanner)
  5. Remove the brass nut (o), seal (h) and element seal (g)
  6. Remove the filter element (f)
  7. Either clean the existing element (use a small amount of clean diesel), or replace with a new gasket
  8. Place the element (f) on the central bolt (a), with multiple holes at the top
  9. internal sealsPlace element seal (g) on to the central bolt (a)
  10. Place the 9mm brass nut seal (h) over the brass nut and hand tighten on the central bolt (a) under the element (f). Ensure the brass nut (o) penetrates the element (f) underside with the element seal (g) and brass nut seal (h) in between
  11. Brace the brass nut (o) with a 14mm spanner and tighten the central bolt (a) with a torque wrench to 1.5Nm
  12. Turn the bowl (n) onto the central bolt (a) by hand until it is tight
  13. Grasp the bowl (n) with your hand and tighten the central bolt (a) with a torque wrench to 1.5Nm
  14. Close the air bleed valve (d) and reinstate the fuel flow
  15. Remove the isolation of fuel (open external ball valves)


Changing seals

  1. Isolate the filter from the fuel supply (close external ball valves)
  2. Follow the changing the element instructions (1 to 6)
  3. There are 5 seals which can be replaced.
    • Bowl seal (l) is pressed into the aluminium filter head
    • Dispersion plate seal (m)this is pressed into the filter head by a metal washer (which does not need to be changed).
    • Air bleed seal (e) is accessed by unscrewing the air bleed valve
    • Filter head seal (c)this is pressed into the filter head by a metal washer on the central bolt (which does not need to be changed)
    • Element seal (g)fits on the bottom of the element
    • Brass nut seal (h)is placed over the brass nut
    • Drain plug washer (p)sits on the screw
  4. Re-fit all components in the reverse order (see changing the element instructions (6 to 1)
  5. Remove the isolation of fuel (open external ball valves)

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WASP Range Product Support

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SWK2000 Product Support

To ensure your Separ SWK2000 unit is running effectively, it is important to service regularly and replace various spares.

separ2000 10 heated


Replace element and lid gasket

Replacing all filter seals

Backflushing element

Draining water

Bleeding air







We always recommend full priming of the unit before operation and after servicing.


When the system contains air and the filters and input pipe work are not completely full of fuel, the filters will need to be bled of air and system primed.


  • To prime the unit, the filter should be topped up with fuel just shy of the brim.

  • The unit should then be bleed of air. For instructions on bleeding air from the Separ SWK2000 range, click here.

Priming made easy with the Separ Hand Priming Pump


hand priming pumpThe unique design of the Separ priming pump allows for an unrestricted flow of fuel through the pump in normal operation, then when needed, the main body is simply rotated to bring the priming pump into the fuel line.

This priming pump is ideal for generator, agricultural and industrial applications. *Please note as this hand priming pump is made of plastic, it is not strictly suitable for marine use.

 If you require further information on Priming and to discuss your individual set up, please contact us on +44 (0)1923 276 007.

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