Separ SWK2000/10U Duplex

With a flow rate of 600 litres per hour, and the convenience of a change-over handle, the bio-diesel compatible SWK2000/10U is an all round great performer.


The Separ 2000/10 duplex range is a step on from the simplex units. The duplex system allows one filter to be in use, while the other one is free for maintenance. It is often used on single engine craft to maintain a constant fuel supply to the engine. If a filter becomes blocked, or the element requires changing, the operator can simply switch to the second filter, freeing the original for element changes or cleaning.

The SWK2000/10U range handles flow rates up to 600 litres per hour (10 litres per minute), and has a 15mm input and output nut and olive for the direct connection of copper pipe. Separ UK also offers a wide range of fittings to allow connection of your equipment to this filter, please ask for more details.



  • Change over handle for ease of use
  • High performance
  • Low restriction / Low Delta P
  • Long-life removable filter element (paper or stainless steel)
  • Improved operating economics
  • Biodiesel compatible 
  • 5 stage filtration [click here for details]
  • Option for petrol applications
  • Suction side centrafugal filter



Product Range 

Clear bowl
Clear bowl with alarm contacts
SWK2000/10UD Clear bowl with metal head shield (ISO10088)
SWK2000/10UKD Clear bowl with alarm contacts and heat-shield (ISO10088)
Metal bowl (ISO10088)
Metal bowl with alarm contacts (ISO10088)



01010 10 micron paper element
01030 30 micron paper element
01060-S 60 micron stainless steel element (long-life)
10528 seal kit (x2 required)

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Support, Maintenance and Technical Specifications


For instructions on installing the SWK2000 units, please click here.



For instruction on servicing and maintaining the SWK2000 units, please click here.


SWK2000/10U Specifications

Max Flow
600 Lit/hr
132 Gal/hr
Filter restriction at Max Flow 30mic element
11 mBar
0.31 in/hg
Port Size
15 mm
1 1/16-12 in 
378 mm
15 in
Element removal
60 mm
3 in
Total height needed
406 mm
16 in
194 mm
7.6 in
460 mm
18 in
8.2 kg
18 lbs


Flow Pressure Chart

flow pressue 10u

Torque Settings

The following table shows the manufacturer's recommended tightening torques for the Separ SWK 2000 range

Filter Bowl Lid Port plug WIF sensor Bleed screw
SWK2000/5 6 Nm 6 Nm 10 Nm n/a 6 Nm
SWK2000/5/50 6 Nm 6 Nm 10 Nm n/a 6 Nm
SWK2000/10 8 Nm 8 Nm 10 Nm 10 Nm 6 Nm
SWK2000/18 12 Nm 12 Nm 15 Nm 10 Nm 6 Nm
SWK2000/40 13 Nm 15 Nm 15 Nm 10 Nm 6 Nm
SWK2000/130 ca 20 Nm ca 20 Nm n/a 10 Nm n/a

Over tightening bolts and fittings can cause damage, if in doubt please use a torque wrench or similar calibrated tool


The Separ 2000 series has the following approvals:

  • Lloyds Type Approval Certificate - No. 94/20036
  • Germanischer Lloyd Type Test Certificate - No. 04/84-93
  • Bureau Veritas Type Approval Certificate - No. 1521 5842 A10 D
  • Rina DIP/13/94
  • Technical Department for Army Ship and Marine Weapons - No. WTD71-213-003/94
  • Application has also been made to the American Bureau of Shipping & U.S. Coast Guard


For the full product specification - please click here to view the PDF datasheet

SWK2000/5U <5lit/min (300 lit/hr) <1.1gal/min (66 gal/hr)
SWK2000/5/50U <5lit/min (300 lit/hr)  <1.1gal/min (66 gal/hr)
SWK2000/10U <10lit/min (600 lit/hr) <2.2gal/min (132 gal/hr)
SWK2000/18U <18lit/min (1080 lit/hr) <4.0gal/min (240 gal/hr)
SWK2000/40U <40lit/min (2400 lit/hr) <9.0gal/min (528 gal/hr)
SWK2000/130U <130lit/min (7800 lit/hr) <29.0gal/min (1716 gal/hr)

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