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swk200010transThe Separ SWK2000 fuel filter range provides a unique and effective solution to the problems caused by water and contaminates in fuel.

Diesel engines today require high quality fuel, which is not always available. Fuel often contains water and particulate contamination will damage expensive fuel pumps and injectors, thereby reducing the reliability and longevity of your engine. In the marine industry this is a common problem. Fuel from other countries who may not have the same fuel specifications as within Europe, can contain more of these contaminates thus leading to reduced performance and costly repairs.



Product Overview

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The Separ SWK 2000 simplex range is the ideal solution to remove free water and contaminates to 10 micron (with 10 micron element). For uninterupted cleaning during maintenance of the unit, we recommend the Separ SWK 2000 Duplex range.

The SWK 2000 range can clean 5 - 130 litres per minute of fuel, depending on the model selected

Benefits of Separ SWK 2000:

  • Easy to fit and maintain
  • UK Service and Support
  • suitable for marine industry, generators, plant vehicles and road vehicles
  • provide the best possible performance, reliability and life span.
  • Duplex option so usage is not affected during servicing
  • Range of spares to accomodate individual needs, ie. metal bowl for marine use, contacts, alarms, re-useable elements.
  • Clean element without removal

Application areas

  • Automotive industry - trucks, buses, mobile cranes, municipality vehicles etc.
  • Stationary engines - generators, welding and pumping installations etc.
  • Mining applications
  • Construction equipment, compressor sets, agricultural equipment, fork lift trucks, etc
  • Marine propulsion
  • For this application, duplex switchable filters are available.
  • An optional water level (water in fuel) sensor can be supplied.
  • Special versions for certain applications are also available, please ask for details.


How does it work?

Complete cleansing of the fuel is possible thanks to the Separ SWK 2000 series unique five-stage purification and separation process.

SWK2000 flow diagram

  1. fuel flows through the stationary aluminium centrifuge, which imparts a rotary, motion to the fuel flow
  2. the fuel exits the centrifuge where larger particulate and water droplets are separated into the bottom of the bowl by precipitation
  3. fuel flows through the second centrifuge, with the lower vane creating a partial vacuum, drawing smaller droplets and particulate down the vane into the bowl
  4. droplets of water and dirt coalesce on the upper surface during the forth stage, and when heavy enough fall back into the bowl
  5. fuel passes vertically through a filter element that removes any remaining water and particulate greater than an optional 10, 30 or 60 microns

See a larger diagram





The results

  • separ swk2000 elementClean fuel then flows to the engine fuel system
  • Separated water is contained in the bowl
  • Contaminations including fuel bug is captured in the element within the Separ Filter

Here is an example of an element from a SWK2000 which has encountered some dirty fuel, which includes a bacterial infection caused by water contamination. The element on the left is a clean element, the right is one which has collected contamination from the fuel.





Product Range 


SWK2000/5 <5lit/min (300 lit/hr) <1.1gal/min (66 gal/hr)
SWK2000/5/50 <5lit/min (300 lit/hr)  <1.1gal/min (66 gal/hr)
SWK2000/10 <10lit/min (600 lit/hr) <2.2gal/min (132 gal/hr)
SWK2000/18 <18lit/min (1080 lit/hr) <4.0gal/min (240 gal/hr)
SWK2000/40 <40lit/min (2400 lit/hr) <9.0gal/min (528 gal/hr)
SWK2000/130 <130lit/min (7800 lit/hr) <29.0gal/min (1716 gal/hr)

Please click on a product name (above) for more in-depth details, or alternatively, for the duplex (changeover) versions of these filters, please click here 


Support, Maintenance and Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

The Separ SWK2000 range is designed for use in any environment, manufactured from high quality non-corroding aluminium alloy, heavy-duty polycarbonate or metal bowls and stainless steel screw, the Separ SWK2000 series is built to give many years of effective service.

  Filter Model /5 /5/50 /10 /18 /40 /40/2M /130
Max fuel flow Gallons / Hr 66 66 132 237 528 1056 1716
Litres / Hr 300 300 600 1080 2400 4800 7800
Restriction In. Hg 0.59 0.53 0.31 0.44 0.95 0.95 0.95
Mbar 20 18 11 15 32 32 22
Port Size Inches 3/4-16 3/4-16 7/8-14 11/16-12 15/16-12 2'' PIPE 2'' PIPE
mm M16x1.5 M16x1.5 M22x1.5 M26x1.5 M33x2
Height Inches 10.15 11.54 13 15.15 19 19 32
mm 258 293 328 385 480 480 813
Element Removal Inches 1.5 3 3 3 3 3 3
mm 30 60 60 60 60 60 60
Total Height Needed Inches 12 14 16 18 22 22 35
mm 304 356 406 457 559 559 889
Depth Inches 3.66 3.66 4.21 6.5 8.3 8.3 14.6
mm 93 93 107 165 211 211 370
Width Inches 5.5 5.5 5.75 8 11.5 34 18.2
mm 140 140 146 200 290 863 460
Weight Lbs 3 4 5 11 24 69 99
kg 1.4 1.8 2.3 5 11 31

The Separ 2000 series consists of a cast upper filter element housing, centrifuge and water particle collecting bowl. However, with the addition of an extra centrifuge and improved range of long life filter elements, the Separ 2000 promises even cleaner fuel, maintaining the efficiency and long operational life of the fuel system.


Torque Settings

The following table shows the manufacturer's recommended tightening torques for the Separ SWK 2000 range

Filter Bowl Lid Port plug WIF sensor Bleed screw
SWK2000/5 6 Nm 6 Nm 10 Nm n/a 6 Nm
SWK2000/5/50 6 Nm 6 Nm 10 Nm n/a 6 Nm
SWK2000/10 8 Nm 8 Nm 10 Nm 10 Nm 6 Nm
SWK2000/18 12 Nm 12 Nm 15 Nm 10 Nm 6 Nm
SWK2000/40 13 Nm 15 Nm 15 Nm 10 Nm 6 Nm
SWK2000/130 ca 20 Nm ca 20 Nm n/a 10 Nm n/a

Over tightening bolts and fittings can cause damage, if in doubt please use a torque wrench or similar calibrated tool

Type approvals

The Separ SWK2000 range complies with several regulations, including Lloyds, GL, RINA, ABS. Contact us for more info.






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Technical Support

How it works

See how the Separ filter works to separate water and particulate from fuel. 

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