Separ Evo-10

Evo 10The Separ Evo-10 fuel filter/water seperator is a revolution in filtration. With a flow rate of 600 litres per hour, and the convenience of a change-over handle, the bio-diesel compatible SWK2000/10U is an all round great performer and ideal for truck and bus use.


The Evo-10 is constructed from modern glass filled polymers and is completely recyclable. Its light-weight design and compact size makes it ideal for high performance applications where weight and size is important - such as the bus and truck industry, or generator applications.

The filter can handle up to 600 litres per hour (10 litres per minute), and has M22x1.5 input and output ports.


  • No tools are required to change the filter element or drain the water.
  • Compact size in comparison to flow rate
  • Very lightweight (approx 1.1kg)
  • Low pressure drop
  • Long-life replaceable filter elements, 10, 30 and 60 micron
  • Easy installation
  • Tool-less servicing
  • Biodiesel compatible


 How does it work?

Fuel inlet
While passing the internal vanes, a rotational motion is induced in the fuel (a centrifugal process)
The fuel exits the internal vane system and enters the filter bowl
Due to the rotational energy, water and particulates become separates from the fuel and will settle at the bottom of the filter bowl
The fuel is then guided into the filter pre-chamber
Due to the large cross section of the pre-chamber, the fuel flow velocity is reduced
Suspended particulates and the finest water droplets and caught in the pleated media of the replaceable filter element
The clean fuel passes to the outlet chamber
Fuel Outlet


Product Range

EVO 10 Simplex, polymer (PA6) body, clear bowl


Spares and options 

01010 10 micron paper element
01030 30 micron paper element
01060-S 60 micron stainless steel element
10559 Lid Gasket
10543 Bowl Gasket
10634 HNBR O-Ring & Seal Kit
10542 Plastic Bowl
10541 Plastic Bowl with hole for 10507/8 water
10544 Locking Drain Tap
10398 Twin hole nut for drain tap
10532 Lid (not inc gasket, valve or gasket)
10609 Dust/dirt cover for filter lid
10537 Spring Cassette
10531 Filter body
10661 Service Tool


Filter Options - fuel heater, water in fuel-sensor

The fuel heating system is self activating at low temperatures and effectively prevents waxing of the fuel; an increased fuel temperature (below the operational threshold) will result in the heater reducing its output. Due to this self-controlled regulation, the fuel is heated with high efficiency, minimising wasted energy. A filter fitted with the optional WiF-Sensor (Water in Fuel sensor) does not need to be regularly checked for water. If water is present in the fuel, the WiF sensor will activate an alarm to signal this should be removed by opening the drain valve.


Servicing and Technical Specifications


Due to the design of the inlet and outlet ports, the filter can be easily integrated in any fuel system. Inlets and outlets can be connected on the left and/or right side of the filter according to your requirement.



The filter operation is protected by an easy to remove cover. This will prevent dirt that could contaminate the fuel circuit when the filter lid is opened. The filter has been designed to allow element replacement / service without the use of tools.

Spares available


Water drain / backflush procedure


Technical Specification

Our patented filter technology creates a safe and efficient separation of water and other contaminates from the fuel. The large diameter of the filter's internal cross section and channels minimizes the pressure drop and makes for a significantly more efficient process. Finest impurities and water droplets are trapped by the large surface area of the internal pleated filter element (replaceable). Due to the use of modern materials; we have reduced the volume and weight of the filter drastically, without any loss of efficiency or reliability.




Max Flow
600 lit/hr
132 gal/hr
Filter restriction at Max Flow 30mic element
22 mBar
0.62 IN. HG
Port Size
M22 x 1.5
PA6 6GF50
300 mm
Element removal
30 mm
1.25 in
Total height needed
330 mm
13.25 in
142 mm
5.56 in
140 mm
5.5 in
1.1 kg
2.4 lbs.


Environmentally friendly - Think Green!

The filter is constructed from completely recyclable materials. Moreover the element can be reused multiple times during the life of the filter, meaning waste disposal costs and hence the environmental burden will be minimised.




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How it works

See how the Separ filter works to separate water and particulate from fuel. 

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